What You’re Waiting For…


What You’re Waiting For…

What You’re Waiting For…

“I can’t be happy until…”

“I can’t make money until…”

“I can’t travel, move, date, buy those shoes, live life fully until…”

How long is the list of things you can’t do UNTIL something else happens?

By waiting, you’re saying that there is something that must happen externally to inspire you to move forward.  

“As women we carry so much power and purpose.
When a woman finds her purpose and walks in it,
nothing can oppose her.
Her affirmation won’t be found with the world,
and she will no longer look for affirmation outside herself.
Instead, whatever she births will help lead those still searching to their inner most being and unite the thread within others that will change the world.”
-Victoria L. White

Whether we’re aware or not, we ask to be saved in this way quite frequently. We find comfort in the role of the victim: “If only that occurred, then I’d be happy” or “Once X happens, then I will do Y.”

Indecisiveness, self-doubt, and fear are a few examples that something out there is affecting you internally.

In order to glow, you must go inward. Glowing means taking responsibility for your reality by looking inward first. It means being your own hero.

In my life, I was persistently complaining about traveling more in California and learning to camp. I was pissed that I’d lived here for ten months and hadn’t done either! (Who’s fault is that? ; ) )

When I’m completely honest, I was hoping that I’d meet some sexy man that likes to travel and he would organize our trips. In other words, “I can’t go camping until…” How thoroughly disempowering!

So last week I decided that I would take a trip to Ojai. At first, I was asking around for a place to stay, then my friend asked, “Why don’t you go camping?”

I responded with some B.S. (Belief System) about not having gear and that I’ll wait for a friend before I try to camp. Blah blah blah.

When I heard the nonsense, I took my story-telling tush to Target, bought a sleeping bag, a mattress pad, and bug spray then borrowed a friend’s tent.

Long story short, my camping adventure was an AWESOME success! I pitched the tent like a champ, felt safe, watched the stunning view, freaked out over the starry sky, slept well, and when I woke up, I went on a 4-hr hike.

When I took responsibility for my life, the result was not subtle. Nor was the effect limited to me.

I received frequent comments like, “You seem lighter,” “Wow, I’m inspired just talking to you,” and “You glow.” I had a surge of energy, excitement, and radiance that you can’t fake.

More importantly, by stopping the wait, I gave many people implied permission to own their unique desires, skills, and versions of success.

Your waiting may seem safer then taking a leap. Your waiting may have a bunch of absolutely legitimate excuses tied to it.

I invite you to consider what’s possible if you stopped waiting and became the hero of your own life.

Bottom line: YOU are what you’re waiting for.

I’d love to hear your your wisdom on conquering your waiting: what have you tried, what works, what doesn’t? The comments is where the GLOW community thrives. Please share your light!

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