Redefining Success, Creating a New Strategy, and The Unintended Consequence


Redefining Success, Creating a New Strategy, and The Unintended Consequence

Redefining Success, Creating a New Strategy, and The Unintended Consequence

What is success to YOU?

Last week, a new Clarity & Purpose client, let’s call her “Rachel,” expressed sadness and despair. Instead of letting her wallow in describing the accompanying activities, I asked, “What if we didn’t focus on the problem (i.e. crying, fear, self-doubt) and focus on the solution? What do you want to feel? ”

Rachel’s immediate answer: “Success.” She said it as if it’s SO obvious.

“What does that mean, Rachel? What would success look like in the real world to you?” I asked.

“A clean house.” <– That’s it?! She was making success out to be this impossible-to-tackle, pipe-dream mirage, but with this answer, we can actually tackle it. With a three-month deadline and a six-bedroom house (including bathrooms and kitchen), every month she can clean two rooms, which means every week, she cleans two corners. Pretty doable now, right?

We all talk about success like that, as if everyone knows what success looks like for you. That’s not true. The meaning of success is nuanced and diverse for each and everyone of us, even on a day-to-day basis, that we’re doing ourselves a disservice to think that we’re all the same.

This past weekend, The Glow Effect held it’s first fundraiser in Los Angeles for The Glow Effect Center for Women and Girls in Uganda. Leading up to it, all we could think about was the success factor. At the time, this meant raising enough money and getting a certain number of people in attendance.


We were prioritizing quantity over quality.

Lo and behold, we did not “succeed” in the quantity. (You never really do when that’s your focus.) Yet, we ridiculously succeeded in quality: the community we created was epic, the experience was publicized all over social media, and everyone there left inspired. We created value, which has WAY more returns than dollars.

New Definition. New Strategy.

So now what? We get that a personal definition of success is needed, but what comes next? A new strategy. When you shift how you’re perceiving a goal then you can see new ways to get there.

From the event, we confirmed a few things: creating more glow communities is key, getting the story of The Glow Effect and The Glow Exchange out there is essential, and streamlining our approach is vital.

This instigated clarity on our new tagline: “Creating an empowHERed world,” our new website in the works, and our future blogging alternative… a podcast.

That’s right. The new website will be up next week and I’m going to have episode 1 of the podcast ready for you then too. It will be the journey of creating an empowHERed world and the three ways we doing it: The Glow Exchange, Clarity & Purpose program, and events. It will be authentic and insightful, as well as a complete exposure of how to create a movement. Crazy exciting, huh?

The Not-So-Obvious Success

Thinking about this success topic, I recall people waiting to figure out the who, what, where, and why of their future before beginning. I think of people waiting for success and happiness to rain down and magically shift their lives.

Tremendously unlikely, folks.

More likely is if you put yourself out there, get off your butt and take some action, you won’t achieve your initial definition of success, but you’ll get a heck of a lot clearer on what you’re actually creating and get an insane amount of real-world feedback on how you’re going to do it.

What’s your definition of success and what lessons have you learned in defining that? How can The Glow Team help you figure it out? Let us know in the comments! xo

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