Reconciling Past Roots and Newts


Reconciling Past Roots and Newts

Reconciling Past Roots and Newts

Until about six months ago, I was doing yoga six times per week. My coaching sessions were scheduled around my yoga schedule. Even during law school, you couldn’t get me to prioritize finals over yoga.

Last week, I practiced yoga once. At home.

My priorities are changing. My roots are shifting and the transformation is unsettling.

We all have areas of our lives that flow and glow, while others lag behind. While my health was impeccable, my career and purpose suffered. Now, my purpose is thriving, with my health lagging behind.

My past roots is my obsession with health and wellness. My new roots, or “newts,” is a focus on my career and purpose.

At The Glow Effect, we don’t believe in finding a so-called “balance.” We believe in envisioning the most exciting, alive version of yourself.

The most alive version of myself looks like going full throttle on The Glow Exchange, which is creating The Glow Effect internationally. Very few things matter to me more than this world-changing endeavor. In order to be effective, I recognize that I must consider my health, but currently obsession with the skinny, uber healthy me is not an option.

The issue is this roots thing: every fiber of my being is yearning for yoga classes and green juice. I grew up putting exercise first. In fact, I could never figure out how people struggled to find time to grocery shop or get to yoga.

“You make the time,” I preached.

Now, here I am, balking at my past ignorance, because something and someone(s) are more important.

Reconciling past roots and newts looks like massive forgiveness and acceptance. We don’t have time to heap on the self-hate if we want to be effective.

Be healthy – obviously – but prioritize what makes you come alive. Ultimately, that’s what the world needs most. Not a skinny and obsessive version of you.

The world needs people who have come alive.

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