Find Your Purpose and Change the World [Podcast]


Find Your Purpose and Change the World [Podcast]

Find Your Purpose and Change the World [Podcast]

Episode 3 of Season 2 of YOUR GLOW IS SHOWING just dropped!

In this episode, Saren gives a simple explanation of your purpose, then our 2017 EXCHANGE team shares insights from their recent trip to The Glow Effect Centre for Women & Girls in Kasaali, Uganda.

As a reminder, these three exceptional leaders from the United States and Australia were chosen to be part of our leadership and service travel program.

Laura from DC, Britney from Mississippi, and Tracy from Australia, co-created marketing, wellness, and community development curriculum, and fundraised thousands of dollars for The Glow Effect Centre for Women & Girls in Kasaali, Uganda.

When they began their journey supporting the underserved Ugandan community, they had a limited view of purpose and world change.

Four months later, after intense leadership training, they’re entirely different people.

They speak with strength.

They feel worthwhile in the world.

And they are so excited to share their stories of their experience.

What opened up in our conversation is their real-life, easy strategies to find your purpose and world change ability too.

Be prepared to re-think all of your perceptions of leadership in Episode 19 with the 2017 EXCHANGE team.


Some questions Saren asks:

  • Who were you before this experience and how do you know see your role in the world? (6:25)
  • How did this experience change your way of living? (9:48)
  • How do you step out of the victim mentality into the leader you want to be? (12:50)
  • How will you embody leadership moving forward? (15:47)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Your purpose and how to change the world (2:35)
  • How to lead boyfriends, friends and family instead of trying to save them (or force them into seeing their potential) (9:51)
  • Why “Shoulds” will never get your to change your behavior and what will (12:16)
  • How to go from a victimizing trauma (like a stroke) to feeling fulfilled (13:02)
  • What you can do to stop the drain of female leadership (18:15)

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