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Lauren Exton

Every day, women all over this world, in the east and in the west, in developed nations and in developing nations, live lives less than they deserve – less than they are worthy of.

The Glow Exchange seeks to recalibrate this reality, and the inaugural TGX has already begun to change the lives of 10 women from the US, UK and Australia along with the lives of an entire community of women from Masaka, Uganda.

None of these women are victims or need rescuing. In fact, each and every one of them is a pillar of strength in their small world and fiercely full of potential. Each and every one is capable of so much more.

When it comes to gender equality, it feels like change is already in the air. Right now, my Facebook feed is filled with articles celebrating feminism, stories of celebrities fighting sexism on red carpets, women standing up for women, and men doing the same. The reality though, the truth, is that a future filled with articles about change isn’t enough. It’s not until equality is normality that we will capitalise on the world’s most underused resource – women.

We’re taking a small step in the right direction by creating The Glow Exchange. We’re tapping into the hidden potential of 10 women who know there’s more to this life. We’re holding hands with the women of Masaka, Uganda, who know the same thing and have put up their hand and asked for access to the resources and knowledge required to change their future.

We’re creating a fully sustainable women’s centre in Masaka, and facilitating training in a wide array of topics.

My knowledge on hairdressing and running a hair salon is limited, but I have access to all the information in the world at my fingertips, a luxury not afforded to the community in Masaka. Over the next 2 months, I’ll be developing a 12 week curriculum focused on hairdressing and small business management. I’ll also be raising a portion of the $85,000 needed to build the centre.

Life’s greatest gifts are love and knowledge and there’s an opportunity here to give and receive both.

By seeing her as all she can be, you help her to see the same.

It starts May 2015, and lasts lifetimes – be a part of it, show the world your Glow.

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