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Karen Connelly


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Karen Connelly

The community living in Masaka, Uganda have no access to running water, electricity or information and a population comprised of around 80% women. It may seem natural to feel sorry for these women, however they are not victims. In fact daily survival in the face of continuous domestic drudgery, with little opportunity for aspirations or hope, is testament to the strength and resilience of women like this around the world. If nothing changes then entire communities of women will remain forgotten about with their vast potential left to stagnate.

However, several women from Masaka have a brighter vision for themselves and have partnered up with The Glow Exchange (TGX) to make their dreams into a reality. This reality is the building of a resource center for women and girls offering a diverse curriculum tailored to the needs of their community. The vision and determination of these women has inspired me to take action and so I have become a part of TGX. I am creating the Leadership and Confidence portion of the curriculum to be passed on to local women to teach at the centre as well as by fundraising for the centre itself. I have realised that taking up this leadership role means I will have to push past my own fears and insecurities, but if I am not willing to assist in creating positive change in the world then how can I expect others to do the same?

Hubs of female empowerment are beginning to seed across the globe inspired by the courageous first steps taken by women, like those in Masaka and at TGX, who know in their hearts that we all deserve equal rights and opportunities. With assistance from people like us we can reach out and help women and girls in those communities to transform their lives for generations to come. If you are called to be part of this movement, whether it be by donating, offering fundraising ideas or even raising money in your own event, you are contributing to the creation of a more empowered and equal world for all of us.  ~ Karen xxx

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