Kaori Cierra Yamamoto

Kaori Cierra Yamamoto


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Kaori Cierra Yamamoto

I have been eager to travel and experience new people and places in order to really open up my worldview. Currently in my world I have been caught up in living and doing the daily grind. There are so many of us these days doing the same things day after day, consumed by this culture and lifestyle. Although we complete many of our accomplishments and schedules in this way at the end of the night I wonder, “Is this really what life is about? Am I truly happy and fulfilled? Am I proud of the life I live?”

Over the past 10 years of my life I have focused on working with a community of children and families, and have come to know that the future is in working with early childhood education. Now as I come to understand womanhood and the power women have in the world, including becoming a powerful woman myself, I can see that families begin with women. But why am I really going all the way over there and doing this? The answer is, so that I can allow myself to discover who I truly am, what I am really capable of, and for me to take a leap and not constrict myself by a schedule or my thoughts of my limitations.

Then I learned that there is this place in Uganda, where the women run the community, work and care for their children on a daily basis like every other community. However, they are now looking for, and are excited to have, access to their own self-expression and leadership skills. Where they are no longer simply taking care of their own personal needs, but are able to share themselves with others too. Hearing this, I felt it was my opportunity for me to share what I have been very lucky to learn through my own life and self-expression journey. Working with these women to create The Glow Effect Center for Women and Children to create a sustainable center for learning, earning, and empowerment, I am very proud to help in creating a Self Expression curriculum for women and children in Uganda, and to support these future leaders in continuing to teach the young girls and future generations of their community.

What I admittedly don’t know anything about is the lives and the world of the women in Uganda, and I am eager to discover what we have to share and teach to each other. I know that each and every human being has a glow within them that becomes brighter the more we share, contribute and discover ourselves. These women may or may not yet be aware that they have this powerful glow, but I cannot wait to explore my own glow and for them to reach theirs through this experience. I know that I will learn so much from the Ugandan women, get a new perspective of life and in the process leave them transformed with greater power, freedom, and self-expression.

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