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Jessica Anderson

A person of this community could be your new best friend. We’re fortunate to have access to everything yet others around the world are lacking in resources and opportunities. It’s an amazing feeling when people from all over have an innate desire to join together to support women. Individually we can only help so much. We all have a need to grow and contribute.

Our fully sustainable program has women stepping out of their comfort zones by going to communities and providing leadership. It’s important for me to point out that this isn’t a rescue mission, it’s a support system to the women of Masaka, Uganda. We’re fundraising for a wonderfully capable and willing community and they are going to grow and us with them into successful confident communities.

We’re excited to be a part of the Glow Exchange and would love for you to also be a part of it. It’s so true that we feel our best when we’re helping others and we want you to feel that as well. The women of Masaka desire to learn organic farming and animal rearing. A skill I’m looking forward to knowing more about and sharing with my new best friends.

The journey of the women involved doesn’t end when our leadership course is over. Generation after generation will have knowledge and hands on experience to pursue endless opportunities.

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