Jasmine Elatab

Jasmine Elatab


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Jasmine Elatab

I just want to ask you all one question: what is your dream? Is it to have electricity? To complete elementary education? Across all boards, one common theme is that we all aspire to live a fulfilled life.

In a rural community outside Masaka, Uganda, the community was asked similar questions. Their answers were startlingly humbling: to watch their children go to school, to learn how to read, access to resources – the very basics.

Hope. We hear about it all the time, we contemplate it, and we question.  But what does it mean? And what does it mean to be without hope? Possibly, being hopeless means not knowing where to begin, not seeing the light, not knowing how to find the education to fuel our dreams. It may mean not having the seeds to cultivate our livelihoods, literally and metaphorically. It may mean not knowing who to turn to in our pursuit for the faith that we all need to actualize our dreams.

I didn’t recognize hope in action –hope turned to faith– so to speak, until there was a shift that rocked my world: The Glow Effect. It put possibility in my hands, which gave me the invaluable gift of inspiring the possibility of opportunity for others in this community in Uganda.

When people ask me why I’m going to Uganda, it’s not as simple of an answer as: “I’m going to help to empower them to build a sustainable community”. It’s more like: “this is the end and the beginning”. It is the end of my search for meaning in a challenging world, and it is the beginning of my life’s true purpose. By going to Uganda, we are handing this community the tools they need to thrive, so that we, as a global community, can thrive and prosper together. But we giving them so much more; we are hand-delivering them the faith that they need to believe that their dreams are possible.

What if I were to tell you that helping another reach their dream is in the palm of your hands? You, alone, can unlock the world’s potential by joining me in The Glow Exchange. By using our inner light, we can brighten the world together.

I want to abandon the notion of hope- this idea of waiting on a change. Hope doesn’t cut it. Hope simply is not enough.  I want to represent faith in something bigger. I want US to represent opportunity– the beautiful opportunity to make others’ dreams a reality, hand in hand.

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