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Christina Streit


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Christina Streit

I often dread Monday’s. They represent the start of another busy week filled with doctor’s appointments, carpool, emails, meal prep, and endless errands. In the midst of the chaos as I find a moment of perspective I realize how fortunate I am to have these “problems.”

On the other side of the world in the small village of Masaka, Uganda women would interpret these problems as blessings. They dream of access to running water, technology, education for their children, and the ability to provide for their family.

The Glow Effect Centre for women and girls is providing a sustainable and replicable model to empower these women to make their dreams a reality. As I have begun writing the Arts and Crafts curriculum for the center I find myself feeling hopeful for change because even from the other side of the world, I am able to make a difference.

Teaching the women to create things that they can sell, not only provides them with financial support, it also gives them a sense of worth and confidence. As women, if we made it a habit to support one another to be the best versions of ourselves, the world would be a better place.

I am so honored to be a part of a community that empowers the beautiful women of Masaka to be their best version of themselves. A community that gives them the tools they need to be successful. A community that fills them with the confidence they need to be unstoppable.

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