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Christie Reppart


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Christie Reppart

“What if I fall? But oh my darling, what if you fly?”

A realistic question answered with a response full of possibility and inspiration. So now, let me ask you. Who’s your inspiration? Whether it be a mother, grandmother, sister, cousin, or best friend – we all have someone who has supported us, inspired us, and has touched our lives in ways we will forever be grateful. Imagine the women you love not having access to basic life necessities like running water, education, a support system, or financial independence. Things you’d never want to imagine, right?

For the girls and women in the village of Kasaali, Uganda, this has been an everyday reality for generations. Until… The Glow Effect launched an amazing, sustainable community centre in August 2015. The Glow Effect Centre for Women & Girls focuses on personal, social, and financial development and stands as a symbol of hope for those long been stricken by oppression and poverty.

I feel so many emotions as I embark on one of the biggest humanitarian journeys of my life and I’m excited to be raising money for such a powerful cause. Now let’s fast forward to July 2016, I’ll be joining four other amazing women from around the world in traveling to Uganda for 10 days to co-facilitate a community forum for 200-300 women and children. Exciting, right?! More specifically, my portion of the curriculum will focus on counseling (self-worth, pre-natal care, domestic violence, and how to have difficult conversations) as well as agriculture (cultivating food for profit and utilizing available resources). The goal is to focus on personal development equally as much as the development of skills.

The reality is that The Glow Effect Centre is creating community leaders – both young and old – by providing opportunities to become confident, skilled, and valued gaining both financial independence and respect in their home and community. The money raised will provide the community centre with solar technology, start up necessities, education, and expansion of their agriculture.

Imagine the possibilities!!! Imagine you have the power to make this possible! Well, you do. 🙂 With your help, we’re not only changing lives for the women there now but we’re creating opportunities for hope and potential for generations to come. Just as your mother, grandmother, sister, cousin, or best friend all had hope. Together we’re making a difference and I’m truly honored to have my friends, family, colleagues, and community be part of this. Thank you in advance for all your love and support! Many Blessings & Fight On!

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