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Brenda Salgado

What if you had to give up everything you had at this moment imagine living one day without your basic necessities such as clean water, electricity, wi-fi or a job, Picture your children without a place to receive their education or proper resources to reach their goals. Now you are only imagining but this is what a community in Masaka, Uganda is living today.

A community of hopeful women seek to gain confidence, independence and empowerment to help their children reach success by providing them with ad education that will turn their life around. Our children thrive to their success and have the potential to be the next president, can you imagine the doctor, teachers, and presidents rising from this community, thanks to the women’s center that your helping us build.

We can improve these communities living conditions and help prosper the future of humans that share life prosper the future of humans that share life with us on this world. No human should be left behind due to lack of resources when we have many to share around the world.

Unite with us to create something new for Masaka, one women at a time! It just takes one person to create a new future for a generation of kids inn this community and you can be part of this amazing change.

Your donations will not only be helping one family nor two but a whole community at a time. Join the movement to create a change in the community of Masaka, Uganda.

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