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Amy Tate


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Amy Tate

Half the people in this world are women. In a small rural town outside of Masaka, Uganda, 80% of the population is composed of women.  These women are farmers, business owners, scientists, electricians, doctors and so much more… But they don’t know it yet.  They don’t know it yet because their community lacks the resources to develop their potential.  Their community lacks the basic every day essentials that you and I take for granted. Things such as running water, stable electricity, and a general sense of well being.

These women live in a community where being a woman means that your only as valuable as the household labor you output, your reproductive capabilities, and child rearing skills.  This community is essentially owned and operated by women and for women but they are only operating at a fraction of their potential because of the self sacrifice many undergo to raise their families.  And if nothing happens, this will be the same cycle that will continue to perpetuate itself for many, many years and decades to come.

Can you imagine what might be possible if these women were inspired to reach their full potential?  If they were exposed to a glimmer of hope?  What would happen if someone breathed life into them?  Imagine if they were given the resources and opportunity to continue their development after raising their children.  What do you think might happen?

What might happen is that new found hope may spark a chain reaction of infectious inspiration.  What might happen is these women may build stronger families and communities.  What might happen is the development of hundreds of humans who’s developed potential could help boost a country’s economy and in turn impact the world. All of these things could be and are possible when we come together as a community and show support for our world citizens.

Because you and I are connected in various ways and we share in a common community I would like to give you the opportunity to be a part of an exciting endeavor.  I extend an invitation for you to lend your support in making a difference in the lives of so many by helping to build a center for women and girls in Masaka, Uganda.  The Glow Effect Center for Women and Girls as it will be called, will be a center for the women of Masaka and surrounding communities to come and cultivate their potential.  Through a variety of programs currently being formulated by a group of 10 American women, the women and girls of the Masaka community will be afforded the opportunity to continue their education in a way that caters to the lifestyle needs of their community.  At the center they will learn practical skills useful to their community that will boost the morale, and effectiveness of the entire community and beyond. Won’t you join me in this effort to erect a new symbol of HOPE & OPPORTUNITY?

Please select the donate now button and give to the Glow Effect Center for Women and Girls today.

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