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Amy Ruiz

What if growing up you dreamed of the opportunities you would have as an adult, only to see them fade away?

What if you weren’t allowed to work because your job as a woman in society was to stay at home to serve your husband and take care of your children?

What if every morning you woke up worried about how you were going to feed your children that day and whether you would be able to send them to school?

What if you felt powerless and didn’t have the confidence to stand up to your husband who constantly abused you?

How would that make you feel, to have no control over your life, to be unable to contribute to society, to feel powerless?

This is what women in Uganda will continue to go through if nothing is changed…

Women in Uganda face a wide range of challenges including discrimination, lower social status than men, lack of economic self-sufficiency, and greater risk of HIV/AIDS infection. This reduces their power to act independently, become educated, avoid poverty, and escape dependence of abusive men. Growing up in Uganda, many girls and young women are forced to have sex or are left with no other option than to trade sex for economic survival. Hence why it is very common for girls to become sexually active at a much younger age than men, causing the rise of HIV/AIDS to become even more pronounced.

Without change, there will be no progress in the lives of women in Uganda. The same cycle will continue to repeat itself generation after generation. All the dreams the women of Uganda had as young girls, will continue to vanish into thin air.

They will grow up not realizing their true potential, depriving the world of change and progress. That little girl in Uganda could be the next leader, but she will never realize it, because she will never see the possibilities she has when everything around her is constant.

So how do we break the mold and help women in Uganda realize their true potential and become equally contributing members of society…

In March 2015, The Glow Effect created a nonprofit initiative to develop the leadership potential of women locally and globally. They partnered with the only organization in Kasaali, The Association of Rural Women Professionals, to create a center where women would have a safe haven. A place where they can go to learn the skills necessary to allow them to contribute economically to their family. A place where they can get counseling to have the confidence to stand up for themselves. A place where they can be leaders and role models for their children. To learn that they are not alone in their struggle, and that there are others like them.

Growing up in a developed country, particularly in Los Angeles, it’s really easy to live your life only focusing on what’s around you. After having had the opportunity to travel to several countries, I realized how lucky I was to live in a country where women can be equally contributing members of society if they chose to be. How is it fair that women in other countries don’t have the same opportunities as men? I want to make a change, to make an impact in other women’s lives, and help empower women all over the world. After going through the Clarity & Purpose program, I was able to realize my potential and realized the numerous opportunities I have. By going to Uganda, I will be empowering myself by having the opportunity to help empower other women. If I can make a difference in at least one woman’s live, then I have done my job to help spread some glow in the world.

Please help me spread the glow by donating! 🙂 Your contribution will help us finish building the center that will give the women of Uganda a chance to realize their dreams, helping in changing the society of Kasaali for the better.

A collective statement from women in Kasaali, Uganda:

“If the Glow Effect Center and its classes continue to be held and to grow it will change the society of Kasaali for the better. There will be more economic opportunity, healthier people, less domestic violence and less sexual abuse and rape. With the advancement of The Glow Effect Center, Kasaali and our surrounding communities will be transformed.”

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