Our Cause

Our Cause

The world will heal when women and girls know they’re capable of being leaders. We are providing them the tools to transform their communities.

What if...

Every woman and girl [on the planet] had access to leadership training to get her barriers to greatness out of the way?
  • Women and girls contribute to 80% of the hours worked but earn only 10% of the income
  • 1 in 3 women experience physical or sexual violence in her lifetime
  • Women provide most of the food for the world but are unrecognized in the formal agricultural sector
  • 90% of the income women and girls earn goes back into their families, whereas men only contribute 30-40%
For every investment in our programs, we supply personal and sustainable development training to rural female leaders.
Through The Glow Exchange program, women from LA to Uganda join forces to create The Glow Effect Centres for Women & Girls. The centers provide a combination of personal development and skills training, where women & girls learn the confidence to stand up for themselves, the skills to provide for their families, and the leadership to create change in their community. Learn More
My husband used to get drunk and beat me. Through these classes I gained the courage and confidence to ask for help. Now with the help of my family, if my husband is drunk he stays away from home and no longer beats me.
…he stays away from home and no longer beats me.Quotes

A Graduate of The Glow Effect
 Centre for Women & Girls

  • 80% of Centre graduates report an increase in income
  • 100% report an increase in confidence and self-expression
  • 60% have daughters whom they have talked to for the first time about menstruation
  • 80% of women report a decrease in domestic violence
I am no longer shy. I can finally reach out to people since I no longer fear them. I find myself fitting better into society and feel like I belong. Other girls have recognized my change and they are asking me to teach them so that they too can feel more open.
I can finally reach out to people since I no longer fear them.Quotes

A Graduate of The Glow Effect 
Centre for Women & Girls


3-Month In-person Mentoring Program

A 3-month mentoring program to build confidence, communication, accountability, leadership and peer-to-peer relationships so all girls can powerfully and effortlessly connect with others. We partner Los Angeles girls with girls at The Glow Effect Centre in Uganda for once-in-a-lifetime cross-cultural learning.

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