Let’s Get Rid of Overwhelm and Harmful Guilt!


Let’s Get Rid of Overwhelm and Harmful Guilt!

Let’s Get Rid of Overwhelm and Harmful Guilt!

We’re busy. Most of us work all day, then deal with responsibilities of family, friends, and self-care. Lo and behold, we find ourselves overstretched, overwhelmed, and feeling guilty for all that we didn’t accomplish.

When we aren’t careful, we beat ourselves up with negative thoughts that sound like: “You’re useless,” “You’re not good enough,” or “See? This proves everything negative about you”… “And guess what? You’re going to feel this way tomorrow too!” (My thoughts can be pretty vicious.)

Resisting the cloud of shameful thoughts, we often try harder, only to find ourselves more depleted and ineffective. The pattern of guilt and self-punishment then creates an vicious cycle.

Know that you’re not the only one feeling like they “should” be able to do and be more. Let’s take a stand for a new way of being. When we forgive ourselves and aren’t blocked by hate, we’re more compassionate, better communicators, and infinitely more creative.

When you’re not feeling guilty and overwhelmed, you create an air of confidence: you trust yourself to take words and actions aligned with what you believe in.

This is the goal: to create a tribe of women, so loving, so confident, so effective that the world perceives us as the powerful beings that we are. First, we have to perceive that ourselves…

Love and glow.

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