How to Set A New Year’s Resolution You’ll Be Sure to Keep


How to Set A New Year’s Resolution You’ll Be Sure to Keep

How to Set A New Year’s Resolution You’ll Be Sure to Keep

Have you discussed the concept of New Years’ resolutions recently? There is this interesting trend of “I don’t set resolutions; they never stick.” Or the complaint, “I hate resolutions: my gym/yoga studio gets so crowded when everyone resolves to lose weight.”

Last year, I wrote about turning your resolution into a “revolution of consciousness,” a comprehensive shift in your life. This year, I challenge you to take it a step further.

What if you saw how much your resolution (or revolution, whichever you prefer) affected others?

Think of this way: your life is your message to the world. We glow-getters aren’t seeking to manipulate or sell transformation, right? If we want to shake our world, we must be the example, then we can inspire transformation.

So instead of asking what you want to change for yourself, ask,

“What do you stand for in the world?”

We’ll use the classic resolution of weight loss. Rather than striving to lose weight for yourself, ask whether you stand for health, self-love, or abundance? If yes to any of those, then certainly nurturing your body with healthy foods and exercise isn’t just for you: it’s your message to the world. You can be motivated knowing that others will live by your example.

Wouldn’t be amazing if we could alter the stigma around resolutions and goal-setting? We could show our friends and family that we’re not just throwing words around. We’re taking a stand for them and all.

What have you’ve done to keep your resolutions? Please share your wisdom with the community.

Happy Happy New Year, my dear!

Love and glow,


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