How to Go With The Flow and Still Get Sh*t Done


How to Go With The Flow and Still Get Sh*t Done

How to Go With The Flow and Still Get Sh*t Done

We all love to say, “Just go with the flow.” Doesn’t that sound pretty? Like the flow of a wave, gentle and forgiving, non-resistant.

As human beings, it is our nature to flow with energy. Yet, it doesn’t feel so natural to wake up to your alarm. You want to sleep until your body naturally wakes you, right? Do you feel that natural pull towards bacon cooking? Obviously, because it smells amazing and your senses tell you that you must consume it.

If you want to make it into the office, you must wake up with your alarm. If you want to lose weight, avoiding bacon may be a good decision once and awhile. Bottom line: if you want to accomplish things, you can’t always go with the flow.

Thus, way more challenging than going with the flow is going with the flow AND getting sh*t done. There are three parts to this flowing and accomplishing balance:

1. Declare your vision. 

It’s much easier to get up with your alarm or avoid unhealthy foods when there is a larger meaning to your actions. 

Before you set an alarm or cut out bacon, figure out “Why?” There are infinite ways of living your life, so if you don’t consciously choose what you want to create, then it’s easy to go with the flow and accomplish nothing.

This kind of clarity and purpose is not something you fall into, nor is something that anyone can provide for you. You must discover this for yourself.

2. Take action. 

In order to create your vision, your actions might feel out of the natural flow, i.e. using alarms and avoiding delicious, but not-so-healthy foods. Here is the key: when you balance your flowing, non-resistance with discipline you’re brought more into the flow.

When you resist that urge to stay in bed or eat that bacon as loving gesture towards your vision, you shift into the flow of possibility. While disciplining yourself is challenging, when you contribute to your vision you feel powerful.

The realization of your power in the name of your vision is flow.

3. Create results. 

As you continue to take actions towards your vision, you will meet resistance. To go with the flow and still accomplish everything you dream about, try seeing these challenges not as failures, but as more flow. They’re necessary to give you the capacity to create something big and beautiful.

Clearly, the balance of flow and discipline will be a forever practice, but engaging with both ways of being will brighten your light.

How do you find this balance? Share your wisdom in the comments and help us #glowgetters be the most effective we can be.

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