How to Get Your Life to Work


How to Get Your Life to Work

How to Get Your Life to Work

Workability means things are flowing. You put in a minimal amount of effort and things just jive. You feel freedom and power. No need for force.

When I get really honest, I see that some areas of my life are like that — beautifully easy — while other areas are a struggle.

Imagine a bike wheel, or if you’re a yogi, consider the body. Things work when they’re in alignment, right? If you mess up a spoke or move a posture out of alignment, it’s not that things fall apart, they’re just WAY more effort.

Another term for this is “integrity,” meaning whole, undivided. Integrity is often collapsed into moral uprightness—making the “good” choices, doing the “right thing.” Integrity is actually a phenomenon in and of itself. It has to do with authenticity—being true to ourselves—and it is the foundation for workability.

It’s truly my favorite word in the English language! Fun fact: the root word is “integer,” which is a whole number. So when something is integrated, it is whole and complete.

How does this relate to life? When you do or say something that is out of alignment with something you believe or promised, it’s like trying to lift a weight with your shoulder popped out of the socket or your bike wheel missing the rubber. It still works, but with major difficulty.

Instead of brushing the unworkable areas under the rug, try this:

1. Think of the areas of your life. What’s important to you? The areas I list are:

  • Career/TGE/Finances
  • Family/Friends
  • Health/Spirituality
  • Romantic Relationships
  • Relationship to making a difference in the world

Other options are Home Improvement, Hobbies, Self-Care, and so on. Things can be grouped however you see fit.

2. Rate those areas on workability. On a scale from 0 to 10, with 0 being not working at all and 10 being perfect flow.

I discovered that areas like family and health were a 9, at least. Those area just work for me. But before you go and think that I’m so lucky, I rated career and romantic relationships at a 5 and 3, respectively. We all have our stuff.

3. I invite you to consider that the areas that you rated lower are where you are out of integrity. In other words, what promises and agreements are broken in those areas? 

From my work with The Glow Effect process, I saw that the two areas that weren’t working — career and romantic relationships — were in conflict. I promised myself that my career would be my focus and romantic relationships would take a backseat. Somewhere along the line, however, romantic relationships became my priority and that integrity breach threw everything out of whack. 

Again, this is not about morality, so the idea is certainly not to shame or blame yourself for breaking promises. Think of it as “happened” or “didn’t happen.” Cold, hard fact.

I didn’t keep my promises to myself. Period. End of story. No judgment. We’re simply inquiring into the reality of the situation. 

4. Once you’re clear on where you have the integrity breach, how can you restore workability to that area of your life? 

I’d love to hear what’s working and not working for you. How will you restore your integrity and make life work? Share your wisdom in the comments and help us #glowgetters be the most effective we can be!

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