Jessica Anderson

Jessica Anderson


Jessica Anderson

Age: 32 years old
Job: Office Administrator
Location: New Hampshire
Favorite way to practice self love? Heading out into the woods for a breath of fresh air
Favorite thing to watch? Science Fiction and Documentaries
Juice or smoothies? Smoothies!!
Yoga or running? BOTH! I’m such a better runner thanks to yoga
What do you stand for? Laughter, encouragement, respect and freedom

Why did you seek out a program(s) with The Glow Effect?
I was utterly lost within myself and felt this sense of complete failure. I knew that I wasn’t meant to feel like this day in and day out. These thoughts were my driving force towards a google search which ultimately lead me to pursue the Glow Effect program.

  • Probable future if you didn’t get help?
    My future would’ve been a road to self sabotage, which means me shutting off and out from everyone, leaving me to ruin my relationships and settling for a stressed, bitter, unhealthy and lonely existence.
  • Impact the program made on your life?
    The program had me realizing the potential in myself, which I was able to bring out in in mom and she is now sharing this potential with a friend of hers.

What were your doubts/objections prior to investment of time and money? How did you overcome doubts?
I didn’t want to put myself  first or have any focus on me. I had so much self-doubt. All these other amazing women I’ve read about that inspire me didn’t hide out in their heads, they spoke up and had courage. I overcame this because I realized quickly that I have a voice and my opinion matters, who I am matters. I’m proud to be a woman.

What’s your dream and how are you living it right now?
My dream is a farm. This farm will help troubled youth find a purpose and encourage them through working the land by growing their own food. I’m currently scouting out land for sale and working towards purchasing several acres.

Favorite quote: A strong woman looks a challenge dead in the eye and gives it a wink. – Gina Carey

Advice to your 15-year-old self?
15-year-old self keep yourself a priority and always remember who you are and what you believe in even when you feel like you’re up against a wall.

Social media links?
Instagram – @jmanders0402,
Wordpress blog –

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