Ginni Dickinson

Ginni Dickinson


Ginni Dickinson

Age: 58 years old
Job: Gallery Teacher at the Clyfford Still Museum
Location: Denver, CO
Favorite way to practice self love? Spending time with my family, especially my grandsons,and my best friends.
Favorite thing to watch ? Right now I am so into “Mozart in the Jungle.”
Juice or smoothies ? Really, neither. I’m a coffee/tea girl.
Yoga or running ? Running!!!!
What do you stand for ? Love and understanding.

Why did you seek out a program(s) with The Glow Effect?
The Glow Effect program appealed to me because I was not fulfilled in my life in the areas of work and romantic relationships.

  • Probable future if you didn’t get help ?
    I am still not doing my ideal job, but I think the program helped to get me on a good track for finding what is right for me. I think I would be feeling more frustrated rather than understanding that this is a process.
  • Impact the program made on your life ?
    When I took the program I identified something that was important to me was to help improve the lives of women. I joined an international women’s group called Zonta. I have been involved in some great projects, taken on leadership roles, and made some great friends.

What were your doubts/objections prior to investment of time and money? How did you overcome doubts?
It did seem like a large monetary investment, but I felt that I would get a lot out of the program, especially if I did all my homework.

What’s your dream and how are you living it right now ?
After dabbling in several museum jobs I’ve realized that I would like to get back to doing nonprofit work. I’ve met some great people in my current jobs, but I’m not feeling like I’m making a difference in the world. The next thing I would like to do is become trained in grant writing. Ultimately I would like to work as an independent contractor to help nonprofits receive funding to continue their work.

Favorite quote: “…we must do that which we think we cannot.” Eleanor Roosevelt.

Advice to your 15-year-old self?
“Believe in yourself, you are a strong woman who can make a difference in the world.”

Social media links?
Facebook, Instagram

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