Diana Turbeville

Diana Turbeville


Age: 24
Job: In-house assistant pension auditor
Location: Pittsburgh, Pa
Favorite way to practice self love? Celebrating my achievements whether they be big or small
Favorite thing to watch? Pretty Little Liars
Juice or smoothies? Smoothies!
Yoga or running? Yoga
What do you stand for? Treating others in a way I would want to be treated

Why did you seek out a program(s) with The Glow Effect?
I was very unhappy with where I was in my life. Mainly career wise.

  • Probable future if you didn’t get help?
    Probably still at my horrible job, searching for another one. Probably still trying too hard to stay in touch with friends, who weren’t actually friends.
  • Impact the program made on your life?
    Gave me the courage to quit my job after finding another! Took the time to really assess my relationships and remove some awful ones from my life. Helped me change my perception of certain things and try to look at them from different angles.

What were your doubts/objections prior to investment of time and money? How did you overcome doubts?
It seemed like a lot, but my mom convinced me anything is worth a try and we decided it was best for me in this stage of my life.

What’s your dream and how are you living it right now?
My dream is to do something that impacts others in a positive light. Whether it be people or animals. I want to really be able to help others.

Favorite quote: Not all those who wander are lost

Advice to your 15-year-old self?
High school will be awful, but once you make it through. College and everything forward will be the best days of your life.

Social media links?
IG & Twitter: _Dianahhh
FB: https://www.facebook.com/turbeville5

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