Amy Dempsey

Amy Dempsey


Amy Dempsey

Age: 34 years old
Job: English Professor
Location: Pasadena, CA
Favorite way to practice self love? Naps & massages!
Favorite thing to watch? The Golden Girls
Juice or smoothies? Juice
Yoga or running? Yoga
What do you stand for? Compassion, integrity, learning

Why did you seek out a program(s) with The Glow Effect?
I had dreams but did not know how to make them become my reality. I needed inspiration, support, and a new way of approaching the world.

  • Probable future if you didn’t get help?
    Depression and a feeling of uselessness
  • Impact the program made on your life?
    I feel much more capable of accomplishing my goals, and I now know how to make those goals more in line with who I really am and what I really want. I’ve discovered more about myself and that makes me feel more powerful as a change maker in my community.

What were your doubts/objections prior to investment of time and money? How did you overcome doubts?
Other than investment of money and some scheduling issues, I had no doubts. I had been waiting for an opportunity like this, and when it finally arrived I snatched it up!

What’s your dream and how are you living it right now?
My dreams are often transforming from one thing into another. As I get to know myself better, I get to know what dreams are worth going after and right now I am focusing on using my writing to help other women learn what I have learned.

Favorite quote: “Maybe I’m wrong.” – Saren!

Advice to your 15-year-old self?
Relax, have some more fun, and put yourself out there. There’s so much you can accomplish if you just push past your fear and give things a try.

Social media links?
IG: amyldempsey

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