Be a Leader that Gives Growth [Podcast]


Be a Leader that Gives Growth [Podcast]

Be a Leader that Gives Growth [Podcast]

I lead and live first with how do I make people feel valued and growth stems from there.

-Jess Puccinelli, Glow Ambassador & Founder of Haute Hope

Your Glow is Showing: The first episode of Season 3 is up! {iTunes:}

We’re working with extraordinary leaders causing actual transformation in the lives of others. They’re doing what we call “Give Growth,” growing ourselves for the good of all.

This episode we speak with some of our Glow Ambassadors to hear how they give growth. We’ll hear from….

Jess Puccinelli, Founder of Haute Hope

Toni Purry, Author of My Hype Book

Rachael Parker Chavez, Founder of Defining: Good

Christyna Giles Washington, a leader in Financial Services

As you can see this will be a broad conversation, beyond industries, and instead illuminating female leadership globally. Together, we’ll explore:

Being a boss versus being a leader

How to create growth and abundance for yourself while you do it for others

How we can give growth daily

Listen in and be sure to leaves your thoughts in the comments!



Catch these incredible Glow Ambassadors at our Give Growth event in LA on February 8, 2018!




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