EmpowHER is 1 week away + THIS happens


EmpowHER is 1 week away + THIS happens

EmpowHER is 1 week away + THIS happens


We’re having our 4th EmpowHER event next Thursday, September 28, titled “How to Amplify Your Community Impact.”

This is our 4th time using “EmpowHER” as LA event title because it embodies our value of finding power within to create a better world – how we’re only able to empower others when we empower ourselves. #IAMempowHER

Imagine our surprise when a fellow LA women’s org announces their event called “EmpowHER,” on Wednesday, Sept. 27 – the day before our event!

Before I proceed, no, I did not trademark the name, even though I was indeed an attorney. *Cue the shame.* When I’m brutally honest, despite the incredible growth of these events over the past year, I needed more validation that they were legit enough to make legal.

Our team’s shock quickly turned to defensive and offensive strategies: call the (competent) attorneys, PR people, and advisors. Gather the input. Protect ourselves. Fight back.

Fortunately, no one reacted or threw daggers, which gave us some space to be creative…

What if we don’t look at this as something that happen TO us, rather as something that happened FOR us and for our mission? Clearly our mission, especially for this event, is growing our global impact and creating a culture of female leadership. What if this is the very opportunity to do just that?

Instead of pursuing masculine business vibes, we switched to the feminine collaborative approach and got on the phone with them.

At first, you could feel the tension. Three powerful women faced with a business challenge. We observed our urge to be catty, talk behind backs, and create a ripple effect of drama…

We also acknowledged that if we ignored the confusion and pushed this conflict under the rug, it’s likely most people would never notice.

They explained that they offer monthly events, each with a different name, and while they heard the name before, they wanted to go with what’s catchy. This one specifically highlights how women can source reflection through other women. 

As we explained our intentions and talked through our visions, we saw that the most uplifting impact on our communit(ies) is calling attention to it and reframing what looks like a challenge.

Consciously choosing collaboration over competition, choosing to lead over winning, and choosing a new way of being for female leaders. 

So next week, we invite you to attend both, one, or neither.

Either way, know that little is gained by fighting.

Instead, for the good of your community, let’s augment light.

Grab tickets to The Glow Effect’s EmpowHER on Thursday, 9/28. (Workshop-style in DTLA – see below!)

Grab tickets to Savoir Collab on Wednesday, 9/27. (Panel-style in Brentwood)

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this. What do you think about our approach? Leave a comment below and let us know.


Join The Glow Effect and Adena M. Smith, First VP – Investment Consultant with the Fields Silver Smith Wealth Management Group for EmpowHER: How to Amplify Your Community Impact on September 28, 2017 in Downtown LA.

Our Featured Leaders will facilitate small-group conversations, providing actionable information, tools and practices personalized for your impact-making challenges. We’re building a community of change-making mentors, peers, and partners that expand your brilliance whilst shaking the world!


**Proceeds benefit The Glow Exchange – our non-profit that partners women of diverse communities to co-create cultures that foster female leadership.**


HUGE Thank you to our event sponsors:      

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