What do burnout & female leadership have in common? [Podcast]


What do burnout & female leadership have in common? [Podcast]

What do burnout & female leadership have in common? [Podcast]

Episode 8 of YOUR GLOW IS SHOWING is up! {iTunes: https://itun.es/us/1MYfbb.c}

Saren has a confession to make. She’s been burned out and it’s been showing up in her work, her relationships and her passion for life. Have you been feeling the burn too? Is your glow not shining as bright as it has before?

It’s time to reveal why and how everything we’ve tackled in the last few months – money beliefs, sexual freedom and asking questions – is connected to one another. And most importantly, how to give your inner-fire the fuel it needs to lead with light before the flame blows out. [Hint: A candle burns out slow but an explosion burns out fast.]

We’re excited to bring you this next episode of YOUR GLOW IS SHOWING in partnership with Yellow Co. who would like to give you a little something to keep you shining bright so be sure to listen to the entire show!

{iTunes: https://itun.es/us/1MYfbb.c}


In this episode, you will learn:

Saren’s personal burnout story (3:34)

How she learned to sit still (5:18)

The fuel you need to let your fire burn bright (6:45)

The full impact of our burnout (9:42)

How it’s everyone’s problem that you’re not thriving (10:36)

Why only 15% of women hold board seats globally (12:25)

How the entire world benefits when women lead (16:04)


We’d love to know your thoughts and feedback…How have you noticed the flame flickering out in your life? And how have you learned to lead with light? Let us know below!

There’s only a few more episodes left of this season’s YOUR GLOW IS SHOWING so be sure to catch up on all the episodes!


Love and glow,

The Glow Team xx


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{iTunes: https://itun.es/us/1MYfbb.c}

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