becoming more of who we are… Join us at GIVE GROWTH 2018!


becoming more of who we are… Join us at GIVE GROWTH 2018!

becoming more of who we are… Join us at GIVE GROWTH 2018!


Typically when organizations change product names or graphics, we call it a re-brand, right? Same thing with individuals: when we change careers, partners, or cities, we call it a re-invention.

Perhaps instead of re-doing anything, we’re becoming more of who we are meant to be.

Perhaps that is what’s happening in society right now, we’re self-correcting, not re-inventing.

Perhaps we’re seeing the new horizon of our individual geniuses coming to life and creating a better world for all.

When Oprah won the 2018 Cecile B. de Mille award and said,

“I want all of the girls watching here now to know, that a new day is on the horizon…”

…she did not mean that us girls rise to get happier, wealthier, or more successful (although, those things will likely happen too).

A new horizon is when you and I grow into the graceful and authentic leaders that bring this messy society into a reality where dehumanization doesn’t exist.


Humans – not just women – anyone with bold feminine qualities, possess the empathy, communication skills, and strategic thinking that can re-shape culture.

We’ve always been here: feminine beings and our glorious healing and innovating potential isn’t a a re-branding.

It’s a peeling away of the internal and external barriers preventing us from realizing our leadership power and lifting up the most people in the process.

No longer can glow-getters look to the question of “How can I be my best self?” without asking,

“How can we create a better society for all and how can I contribute to that?”


Over the past year, Glow Effect held four events in Los Angeles to disrupt our previous empowerment strategies to support women in their personal growth for the growth of all.

These events say au revoir to speaker-panels’ passive listening. Instead, our “Featured Leaders” – women excelling in transformative leadership – facilitate small-group conversations, providing actionable information, tools and practices personalized for attendees’ abundance-creating challenges.

Then we add something profound: a video conference with our rural partner leaders from Uganda (and upcoming Nepal!), sparking a conversation of global change, and culture-shocking attendees to see themselves and one another differently.

And it’s working.

Tracy Gray, past Featured Leader and Founder of 22 Capital Group explains,

“Women, a lot of times, we feel like we are frauds. I feel like it pretty much every day when someone asks my opinion on something, but when you’re in a room like [this] and there are other women who feel the same way you do, have similar stories, and can learn from each other – that’s how we change.”

Yet, the name “EmpowHER” no longer reflects our community. In an un-peeling of our own blocks, we saw that we’re attracting leaders that aren’t just bosses or Instagram influencers.

Our glow-getters fundamentally support the development of other humans. Our partner brands, Glow Ambassadors, Featured Leaders, and attendees devote themselves to seeing those around them grow and they’re growing in the process.

In other words, we’re creating a community that stands for feminine leadership, for humans that GIVE GROWTH. And in 2018, we’re offering four opportunities to experience it!

We’re hosting our last Los Angeles event this year on February 8, then our first Bay Area event on April 12.

Will you join us?


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