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In more somber news, I write this the morning after the US election.

As a woman, I am shocked, saddened and profoundly discouraged that a country built on equality elected a man who has openly bragged about sexually assaulting women over a highly qualified female candidate.

I write this hurting, but I choose to see that this is the chaos needed to catalyze change.

A change dissolving prejudice and hatred.
A change breaking through glass ceilings.
A change transforming the divisiveness that has consumed our country.
A change that I believe will, in time, bring Americans together regardless of political affiliation, race, gender, sexual orientation or our many other differences.
A change that, when affected, will make our country great again.

For now, people are afraid and it is up to you and me to be the light.

Season 2 Episode 1 of the “Your Glow is Showing” podcast dropped TODAY and it’s all about empowerment.

More than ever we have to look at the perception of women – the perception of nasty, hysterical, “made for the kitchen” stereotypes that WE perpetuate.

In today’s podcast, we’re asking what this “empowered women” thing even means, because even if you think you are empowered, we now know that our American brothers and sisters may not be.

We’ll show you why it may be at the root of your personal challenges and increasing female leadership in the world. Plus, I confess my out-dated view of women I used against my mom 🙂

We also have an inspiring chat with the woman revolutionizing Confidence… Sarah Deane, co-founder of EffectUX, joins me for a glowy jam sesh about elevating our empowerment strategies for the confidence of rising female leaders!

Check it out here!

Let’s transform our heartbreak into action, my darling glow-getter.

I hope you hear what you need to be your best self, today and everyday.

Love and glow,
Saren, Founder/CEO
P.S. Check out this revolutionary empowHER event and our Huffington Post article that I mention on elevating our empowerment strategies! xx

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