An exceptional being, flourishing in some parts of your life and maybe even your entire existence. Yet, you feel that something is off. You want to make this life thing work for you, not against you. (This glow thing sounds pretty rad, too.)

None of those things, but you’re on a mission to feel ALIVE–-whether that means reinventing yourself, going into business for yourself, or something else revolutionary.


The founder of The Glow Effect. Around age 13, I saw that some people were living with a glow that others weren’t. It didn’t matter if they were rich/poor, ugly/pretty, single/married, healthy/unhealthy. I was determined out to figure out what creates the difference in the quality of people’s lives.

My studies at NYU in Cultural Anthropology taught an essential concept...

There are systems to everything, a logic. So too, there is a system for joy and meaning.

Instead of exploring my system towards joy, I chose a proven path: law. I bought into the lies that you must be someone else to have the life you want. Throughout my legal journey, however, I also taught yoga, which relied on my glow. The result: inspiration, me and students glowing so brightly that worlds shifted.


My third year of law school, I embraced this light factor and started glow coaching.

Yet, in a fog of fear, I ignored my intuition towards my systems for joy and took a position at one of Chicago’s top family law firms. My ego cheered, Saren, you’re so fortunate to have an associate-attorney position in this economy AND you have office (a.k.a. the lawyer box-- it didn’t have windows).

But because my intuition wouldn’t shush...

  • The result of living in the lawyer box included, but was not limited to, weekly illnesses and ailments, constant bitchiness, hating myself, feeling exhausted, craving other people’s lives, inflamed skin, and crying in bathroom stalls. Everyday I would say in some form: This is my life!? (cringe), with a wave of guilt for taking my privileges for granted... My glow was dimmed.
  • I felt selfish for wanting to change my life. Saren, suck it up. Don’t waste your J.D.
  • Fighting darkness in the world was only increasing darkness in myself. What if I focused on augmenting light?

Then one day, I woke up and I heard another voice: It is more selfish to be unhappy than to invest in yourself.  With that, I began my glow mission, which included quitting my job.

My 5-year investment in the legal field taught me crucial lessons:

  • There are fabulous, spirited individuals in every trade. (You don’t necessarily need to quit a day-job to glow.)
  • If you’re showing up to life without an understanding of you, everything will suffer.
  • A [ridiculously] expensive education does not mean you stop investing in your growth. 

In my glow quest, I realized that I wanted to live by a simple set of rules:

  • I will not put myself in a box (even with windows).
  • I will not die small. I choose to live big.
  • I will no longer fight darkness. I commit to lighting up the world, starting with my glow.


Allison TGE Bio Pic.jpg

ALLISON NORTON-ROMPORTL, Glow Igniter and Connection Junkie 

Allison travels the world and deep within, seeking inspiration for simple yet effective ways to spark and spread glow. She strives to create glowing material that empowers others to live authentically and find extraordinary joy and meaning in both career and personal life. Her business background allows her to infuse logic and structure into enlightened, life-transforming processes.


CHARLOTTE WALDMEIR, Glowkeeper of Inspirational Quotes and Wisdom

Charlotte is a life-long athlete, yogini and traveler who strives to brighten wherever she goes. Her goal in life is to travel the world and inspire others to find their inner-glow. If you are ever feeling like you have lost your lust for life or you don't feel centered, visit TGE's Twitter where Charlotte infuses the page with inspirational quotes and insightful blog posts that are sure to help you have a "breakthrough versus a breakdown." 


JULIANNE STREFF, The Media Glow-Between

Julianne's world collided with The Glow Effect after a truly moving yoga class led by Saren. A firm believer in putting out into the environment what we want – and want to get back – Julianne immediately fell in love with the idea of the glow and is delighted to be spreading the word to the media through her connections as a PR pro. Julianne is inspired by hearty laughs, contagiously smiley people, open mindedness and nearly any kind of sandwich. Never underestimate the power conversing with a stranger ;)

Assisting you in finding the inner light, amping up your power, and radiating with joy--that is our mission. If you choose to commit, the glow effect is not only possible, it’s probable.


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