5 Things to Remember When Self-Doubt Takes Over


5 Things to Remember When Self-Doubt Takes Over

5 Things to Remember When Self-Doubt Takes Over

Are your nagging “I’m-not-good-enough” thoughts ever so deafening that you’ve stopped putting yourself out there? Do you regret being on social media because the like and follower numbers suddenly reflect you as a failure?

If you met me today, my inviting personality may convince you that I can’t relate to paralyzing self-doubt. This would be a huge pretense.

The truth is that as I’m trying to develop a new age business, support other leaders, build my online presence, and maintain flourishing relationships, fear voices are mighty persuasive. They’re so persuasive that I begin to believe them and must coach myself through the dark.

It’s well known that in order to grow and live big, you must venture out of your comfort zone into the realm of uncertainty, which guarantees fear and discomfort.

Since I desire never-ending growth, I don’t anticipate these limiting thoughts letting up. As a result, I’ve developed a reminder checklist to tackle self-doubt. I hope it provides you with some insight into the entirely normal, yet completely untrue “I’m not good enough” illusion.

1) You’re beyond your thinking.

Consider this: your mind cannot fathom what’s possible. I know you want to. Who doesn’t want to predict the future and wrap your mind around all that’s happening in the present?

The upside is when you remind yourself of this, you’re off the hook for not being the best, smartest, or most experienced. In fact, those concepts no longer have meaning when you conceive of this limitless world. They can mean a variety of thing even to one person.

This means that the words you’re using to define your identity are only a fraction of who you are. You’re way beyond what you’re mind can handle.

2) Take a stand for the change you want to see.

If language is completely subjective, then it’s malleable – if you shift perception, you can create any meaning you want if you get enough people to shift. In other words, you get to invent who you want to be in the world.

You just have to decide. Who do you want to be in this moment? You can create the possibility of being love, self-expression, or leadership in this instant.

3) Self-doubt cannot exist in the present.

Without your memories, perceptions, opinions, or thoughts, in this moment, what’s not perfect? This is a trick question: without thinking about it, in this moment there can’t beanything wrong.

When you’re present, everything is exactly as it should be, because it is. You have breath. You’re alive. It’s only when we start thinking, comparing, and judging forward or backward, that self-doubt emerges.

Simply, if you’re mired in self-doubt, then you’re not present. Come back to the now.

4) Give something. Anything.

If you doubt yourself, the easiest way to shift is to give. When you give a smile, hug, or a helping hand, you immediately come out of your head. You relate to another. You’re able to get perspective on your circumstances. Then you can get back to what’s important to you.

5) Consider that your self-doubt is good thing.

Each and every one of us experiences self-doubt at some time or another. It’s a sign of humanness. Anything that you’re trying to create in your life – a relationship, business,or painting – requires this human vulnerability.

The world wants to see you in all your glory, exposed and honest. This self-doubt is provides you compassion, material, and grounding in moving forward.

When you can flip the interpretation of self-doubt from something to be resisted to something to be embraced, the pain and fear will melt away.

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