5 Habits of Emotionally Balanced People


5 Habits of Emotionally Balanced People

5 Habits of Emotionally Balanced People

You know what really pisses me off? The thought “I’m so sick of feeling this way.” And too many of us say this!

It’s like the same patterns of highs and lows are plaguing your possibility of happiness. One day you’re on top of the world, living all brilliant wisdom, and the next day you’re down, clueless as to why the same positive thoughts (i.e. everything happens for a reason) aren’t working.

The lows usually bury you in challenging emotions, throwing you completely off-balance.  You’re distracted, irritated, and tense. Your decision-making is clouded.

The highs can feel like flying until you start to attach. You grip the “happy place” until slides through your fingers.

Today ends The Glow Effect’s #10DayAuthenticityChallenge, which began as a simple reflection exercise and manifested into enormous insight on emotional mastery. How do you balance these extreme highs and lows? How to you create an empowered response to emotions?

Here are five habits of emotionally balanced people that were highlighted through the challenge:

1. They acknowledge their feelings.


2. They value their feelings, instead of shaming themselves.

When you make a feeling wrong or call yourself “broken” for feeling anything, you perpetuate the feeling.

Has it ever worked to tell yourself to STOP feeling sad? The feelings are going to come regardless. The sooner you make friends with your emotions the sooner you can see what they’re signaling.

3. They acknowledge the fleetingness of feelings.

They know that emotional states are temporary. When you’re deep in anger and you find something to laugh about, everything shifts perspective, right?

4. They use their feelings as signposts.

Feelings are action signals. For instance, loneliness isn’t something to dread. It’s a sign that you’re missing the experience of connection. You feel distant from others. You can use the signal to call a friend and create the experience you’re craving.

5. They watch the accompanying accusations.

A feeling like anger can easily spiral into a story about how someone MADE you feel that way. No one can make you feel anything. You can discuss how you feel with someone related to that circumstance, but ultimately you’re wholly responsible for the feelings that arise in your body.

Ultimately, let your emotions be a sign that you’ve got a big heart and aren’t afraid to let others see it. Showing and embracing your emotions are a sign of strength.

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