4 Ways to Re-start a Tough Day


4 Ways to Re-start a Tough Day

4 Ways to Re-start a Tough Day

Even if you’re the happiest person in the whole world, you’re going to have a tough day once and awhile. Perhaps tough days are more frequent at the moment.

It’s a fact of life that times are not always joyful, so when times get tough we must be aware not to ingrain habits that recreate toughness. Nipping the bad times in the bud right away can halt the bad day spiral.

Here are four ways to re-start a tough day in an instant:


I’m a passionate and fire-y person, which means I can get fired up, but also burnout. In those burnout times, reading always re-lights the fire. I’m not talking trashy novels. I’m talking inspirational non-fiction, otherwise known as “self-help” books and articles. I’m not ashamed to say I read them and love them. (Although, my name for the genre is better.)

Thought patterns determine reality. In the modern world of computers, to-do lists, and traffic, we can get distracted from our true nature. Inspirational non-fiction re-connects us to inspiration. Words of triumphs and tribulations are in abundance these days. Don’t hesitate to read and re-read these works to hear how other people get out of a rut.

But don’t stop there… Take action!

2. Get Out of the Negative Space 

Negative space breeds negativity. Sounds obvious enough. Often, however, we don’t think of removing ourselves from the space, mentally or physically.

Say you’re in your office or favorite study spot and it’s just a bad day for everyone. Go into your space, whether that’s a cubicle or a bathroom stall, and close your eyes. Imagine yourself as a child. What would you say to little you to cheer you up? Remember all the joy that emanated from this child for the silliest things.

Removing the current you from negative space makes room for joy.

3. Go from Victim to Blessed

What if you changed “X happened to me” into “X happened for me”? You could get upset for these things that happens to you. OR, you can say that this happened to teach you something.

When you see the situation as a blessing, instead of a curse, your energy will change. All of a sudden you can dive into the toughness because you know the benefits of moving through it.

4. Find Hope

Know that this isn’t the end. You’re not stuck in misery and times will be brighter again. Make a plan for hope.

During a recent stressful day, I asked my coach for help. We made a timeline of due dates for things I want to accomplish. Both of us put the dates in our calendars and immediately I felt hope–I could visualize a brighter time. I saw that I wasn’t stuck in this difficult place.

Remember, things have been tough before and you’ve re-found the joy. You can do it again.

The comments is where the GLOW community thrives. We’d love to hear your wisdom on restarting a bad day. What works? What doesn’t work? We all benefit from your share.

Love and glow,


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