3 Keys to Dealing with Uncertainty


3 Keys to Dealing with Uncertainty

3 Keys to Dealing with Uncertainty

Want to do something AMAZING? Rad. Welcome to fear and uncertainty.

The fact is that in doing anything big, whether it’s risking for love, taking the bar exam, or starting a business, you’re venturing into uncharted territory.

Sure, many have ventured into that territory before, but it’s new for you. Therefore, it’s the unknown. You can reassure yourself with other things you’ve accomplished in your life, but at the end of the day, you’re asking for something new and different, which means you must learn new and different lessons if you’re to receive it.

There is no way around uncertainty. The only way is through.

For the past year (basically since we launched The Glow Effect), The Glow Team and I have been working on our grand project. I haven’t spoken about it much over the web-waves, because, well, I’m scared.

I want this grand project to flourish more than anything. I want individuals and communities to receive the assistance they need. I want the path to achieving this endeavor to be easy. <– Ha. Good luck with that.

As a coach, I wish I could say that I followed my own guidance and approached the challenge with grace. I wish I could say that I treated myself with loving-kindness through the process…

I can’t say that.

For the weeks leading up to the launch, I was reckless with my behavior, cruel to myself, and tremendously sensitive.

The issue is that since it’s a path well-travelled, we think we shouldn’t feel scared or uncertain.

That was me – “Saren, stop stressing. You’ve overcome X, Y, and Z challenges before. People have done this IndieGoGo thing before. Stop feeling scared. [Insert lots of self-hate here.]”

Then, in my self-hating attempts to resist these thoughts and feelings, I over-ate and under-ate, skipped meditations, drank too much, and did other things that shall not be named.

Plus, I would obsess about unrelated areas (like relationships) to escape from the challenge at hand. When I’m honest, I wanted certain relationships to work so that I would feel safe and not need this project to be as successful.

The result: more self-hate.

Now that the project launched this week, I see that I needed each and every challenge for some reason or another. I see that the measure of my success is how I handle the pressure, how much faith I have in the universe, and that simply asking for big things is a feat in itself.

Now, instead of asking for an easier life, I’m asking for courage and using my new and improved 3 Keys to Deal with Uncertainty:

  1. Catch yourself when you are starting to feel uncertainty. There is always something to fear, but lingering in this mental space never accomplishes what you want it to.
  2. Treat yourself like someone you love. How would you treat a loved one if they were feeling fear? Likely you wouldn’t berate them. Imagine yourself cradled like a mother would cradle a baby. Be kind. Be loving.
  3. Treat others with love. If all of this fear teaches you one thing, allow it to be compassion. Know that we all have a story. We’re all dealing with something big or small. Let’s support each other through the journey.

Love and glow,

Saren and The Glow Team

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