Does something feel off? 

Are you a heart-centered, ambitious person trying to figure out how to be a dynamic, awesome you in a money-driven world? You know that there is something more to life. You want to be excited about waking up, do things you're naturally great at, that you're passionate about, AND profit, but you’re struggling to get a leg up.

Does this describe you:

  • Tired all of the time?
  • Crying in the bathroom stall at work?
  • Eat or drink your way to happiness?
  • Just don’t enjoy life anymore?
  • Waiting for prince charming to rescue you?

How fabulous would it be to be the hero of your own life?

A glow is both the cause and the effect of a miraculous life. When you glow, you’re emitting joy and accomplishment (even in your pajamas!), then your light communicates to the world around you. It’s the X factor, the je ne sais quoi, the aura of a profound happiness wherever you go. With this stunning power, you magnetize your version of radical success. Simultaneously, people around you become inspired to cultivate similar joy. The Glow Effect becomes not just an individual shift, but a glo(w)bal movement! 

Why aren’t you glowing already?

You are, but with the help of culture, you’ve accumulated rules (lies) that dim your glow.

For example,  

  • You must be someone else to have the life you want.
  • Your dissatisfaction with life doesn’t effect anyone but you.
  • You must work harder to get results.
  • The point of money is to get things.
  • The daily routine is an ugly part of life.

People who glow are changing the rules...

  • You must be AUTHENTICALLY YOU to have the life you want.
  • Your dissatisfaction with life affects EVERYONE.
  • You must work SMARTER to get results.
  • The point of money is to CHANGE things.
  • Daily practice is an AWESOME part of life

Coach and speaker, Saren Stiegel, can help you glow, wake-up excited to take on the world, and empower you to create success on your terms.